ODFToEPub instructions


ODFToEPub is an Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice extension as well as a stand-alone program. After receiving the license.xml file by e-mail, you should save it on your computer and install it. Then you can download the extension and install it with the extension manager, which you will find in the menu at Tools→Extension Manager. In the dialog box that appears you choose Add and provide the extension file (.oxt extension). You're done!

Running it

This is simply a matter of opening a document in Apache OpenOffice or LibreOffice and choosing File→Export in the menu. In the dialog box you have to select ePub. Alternatively you can use the toolbar button with the ePub logo. The Open Document Format specification is a good document to test it with. The document has been slightly modified to demonstrate a number of features. The resulting ePub-document is here. There is also a demo document that shows a number of advanced features and produces this ePub-document.

There is also a stand-alone version that asks for a document and produces a document with same name except for the extension .epub. The stand-alone program is a Java archive. On most systems you can double-click on the archive to launch it. You can also run it with this link.

The batch version can be used as a Java library or be launched on the command-line as follows:

> java -jar odf_to_epub.jar document.odt [document.epub]

You can embed fonts in an ePub-file through this link. This will launch a program that first asks for the ePub-file and then for the font-files.

Special note for Ubuntu 13.10

If you want to run it in LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice on Ubuntu 13.10 make sure you have installed the following packages: