The online document management system Pincette lets you manage and use your documents anywhere you are and through several applications. It achieves this through the standard WebDAV-protocol for remote document management. Pincette comes with strong security and advanced versioning.


Write your e-books in a word processor and turn them into the ePub e-book format using the export function. This tool generates a table of contents and an alphabetical index. You can use tables, lists, automatic numbering, images, footnotes, bookmarks, URLs, etc. If you can open a document in you can make an e-book of it. It is that easy!


This product makes it extremely easy to use WebDAV-servers on the desktop. It just sits in your system tray and synchronizes local folders with folders on the server, in both directions. All this happens in the background. Many mobile applications also support WebDAV, so it becomes easier than ever to access your documents in the cloud.